Construction Insolvency - 5th Edition

Construction Insolvency - 5th Edition

Richard Davis


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Date: 21/05/2014

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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  • Provides commentary and critical analysis on the principles of law behind construction insolvency 
  • Gives guidance on how to deal with the aftermath of formal insolvency, including an analysis of the available procurement routes for a completion contract against the growing case law
  • Describes the security devices available as protection against insolvency and how they interact and support one another
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of case law across the UK and common law jurisdictions and across related legal disciplines
  • Includes a case study by Neil Burton on the role of an insolvency surveyor in appraising a contractors’ ongoing contracts with worked examples
  • Explores the interface with other areas of law where appropriate such as equity, property, disputes, and directors’ liability
  • Includes 26 graphs, charts and diagrams to support the written text and a glossary of relevant terms
  • Sets the principles within the complicated contractual relationships of the construction industry
  • Includes detailed analysis of technical areas such as assignment, novation, trust, set-off, bonds and guarantee
  • Discusses how insolvency commonly arises in the construction industry
  • Considers formal and informal insolvency - and deals with insolvency claims
  • Looks at adjudication, and the relationship between adjudication and insolvency enforcement procedures
  • Covers directors and employees involved in construction insolvencies

New to the 5th Edition:

  • The impact of insolvency law on the project bank account
  • The statutory construction trust recommended by the Collins Report (NSW)
  • The effect of cases from the financial sector on the termination of a construction contract

Table of Contents

  • Law in Context
  • Elements of Construction Insolvency
  • Debts and Other Receivables
  • Assignment
  • Set-off, Abatement and Deduction
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Goods and Materials
  • Informal Insolvency
  • Construction Trusts
  • Retention Trusts
  • Pre-emptive Measures
  • Adjudication and Insolvency
  • Formal Insolvency
  • Termination
  • Novation of Contracts
  • Completion Contracts
  • Direct Payment
  • Set-off in Insolvency
  • Bonds and Guarantees
  • Insolvency Claims
  • Directors and Employees
  • Law into Myth

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