Craies on Legislation 10th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Craies on Legislation 10th Edition, 2nd Supplement

Daniel Greenberg


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Date: 23/06/2015

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Significant changes and developments in the way legislation is made, applied and interpreted in the UK occur all the time.

The volume and complexity of legislation, the establishment of the devolved legislatures, the influence of the European Union and use of secondary legislation all make it increasingly difficult for practitioners to know how to follow and apply, and sometimes challenge, the legislation that is relevant to their clients in every area of the law.

Craies on Legislation is a practitioner’s guide to the nature, process, effect and interpretation of legislation.

  • Enables practitioners to keep on the right side of difficult legislation, such as the Human Rights Act and EC law
  • Focuses on providing answers to questions that are likely to occur to the users of legislation in daily practice
  • Explains recent trends in statutory interpretation
  • Relies, where possible, on concise quotation from judicial decisions and other relevant documents to clarify points
  • Includes coverage of interpreting regulations and secondary legislation, the devolved legislation of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and European legislation
  • Unique in looking at the Parliamentary process and treatment of legislation and the nature of legislation

The second supplement to the tenth edition covers the full range of developments in legislation, including:

  • Recent Parliamentary reports on aspects of the legislative process as well as recent decided cases
  • The latest instalments of standard interpretation and application sagas (including the distinction between criminal and civil provisions, the status of statutory rules, challenging subordinate legislation, growth of quasi-legislation, retrospection, human rights, the rule in Inco, and so on) 
  • Special events in the field in the last two years, including legislative competence decisions of the Supreme Court, analysis of the role of Royal Charters, and the EU implications of the hybrid Bill procedure as applied to the HS2 project

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