New Zealand Guide to Credit Management

New Zealand Guide to Credit Management

David J Young


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The world of credit management is constantly changing, with new problems and legislation making it crucial to stay up-to-date - particularly in the current economic environment.

New Zealand Guide to Credit Management is designed to enable credit managers to stay up-to-date with developments and techniques. The Guide has three main objectives:

  • To help with day-to-day credit decisions;
  • To demonstrate how new techniques can be used for reporting past results; and
  • To encourage planning as a standard function in any credit management department.

In fulfilling these objectives, the New Zealand Guide to Credit Management has become the “how to” guide to credit management in New Zealand.

The Guide offers valuable insights into the organisation and functions of any credit management department, and provides a step-by-step programme to achieve a successful and effective credit management function in any business.

Written for a wide group of readers, the Guide aims to provide information for managers and business owners who organise and manage a credit department.

It covers the three key areas of Policy and Planning, Credit Routines, and Reporting and Review, and consolidates the fundamentals of sound credit practice with modern business thinking.

A subscription to the New Zealand Guide to Credit Management looseleaf service includes a CD-Rom which contains computer spreadsheet models/programs, and also MS Word versions of many of the sample documents contained in the product.

Table of Contents

  • Index and Glossary
  • Policy and Planning
  • Credit Administration
  • Selecting New Business Customers
  • Selecting Personal Customers
  • Working with Sales Teams
  • Debt Recovery
  • Legal Action and Bad Debts
  • Limited Companies - Risks and Remedies
  • Reporting on Credit Results
  • Selection, Training, and Appraisal of Credit Personnel
  • Advanced Credit Management Computer Training


  • Analysing a set of accounts
  • Averages
  • Cash budgets
  • Realisation (break-up) values of a business
  • Working capital cycle in a manufacturing business

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