Workplace Bullying (Book)

Workplace Bullying (Book)


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Date: 14/10/2016

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Bullying is a major, but often unacknowledged problem in New Zealand’s workplaces. However, recent developments in employment and health and safety law make it a problem that no one in the workplace can afford to ignore.

Workplace Bullying deals with bullying in New Zealand’s workplaces in a way that is both educational and practical. It is a resource which is designed to provide employers, managers, and workers with insights into:

  • the nature and dynamics of bullying;
  • strategies for preventing and managing bullying;
  • methods of dealing with complaints of bullying;
  • the process of investigating and resolving complaints of bullying; and
  • the legal issues associated with complaints of bullying.

Where relevant the authors refer to WorkSafe New Zealand’s Guidelines “Preventing and responding to workplace bullying” the full text of which is reproduced as an appendix to the book. 


Extract from a review by Kevin Jones - Safety At Work Blog

" ...New Zealand seems to be leading the western world in it workplace bullying approach. This book is a great addition to the literature.

Click the following link to download a pdf of the full review:
Bullying, evidence, ethics and solutions - review


This is a new and groundbreaking book which will be an invaluable reference for lawyers specializing in employment and health and safety law, Health and Safety Consultants, human resource professionals, managers, employers, CEOs, company directors, unions and employees.

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