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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND
Book 9781990018763 New Release 20/12/2021 Sale Price: Price: $50.00 + GST You Save:

Covid and the Law in Aotearoa New Zealand sets out the law through which Aotearoa New Zealand responded to Covid-19 in 2020 through to mid-2021... more

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM
Book 9780414092020 24/09/2021 Sale Price: Price: $525.00 + GST You Save:

Now in its 14th edition, Documentary Evidence is a comprehensive guide to the legal obligations of disclosure... more

Book 9781990018572 22/07/2021 Sale Price: Price: $245.70 + GST You Save:

Insolvency law deals with the legal rules applicable in the case of individual persons or corporates who are unable to pay their debts and, as such, intersects with virtually every area of legal practice... more

Book 9781988591117 30/06/2021 Sale Price: Price: $190.00 + GST You Save:

Waking the Taniwha: Maori Governance in the 21st Century is a comprehensive analysis of the manifestations, complexities and challenges arising out of the development of M a ori governance structures.. more

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