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John Katz QC
Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND
Book+eBook 42553368 27/11/2018 Sale Price: Price: $246.75 + GST You Save:

The High Court Rules 2016 state that an “expert witness has an overriding duty to assist the court impartially on relevant matters within the expert’s area of expertise”... more

Book+eBook 42137238 22/12/2017 Sale Price: Price: $341.25 + GST You Save:

The text takes the perspective of international human rights law, describes what it requires, and then analyses the extent to which New Zealand law complies with it... more

Book+eBook 42140909 30/10/2017 Sale Price: Price: $569.10 + GST You Save:

Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance was published in December 2014 as the first major insurance law treatise in New Zealand... more

Book+eBook 42016452 28/06/2017 Sale Price: Price: $253.05 + GST You Save:

This new title is the only whole treatment of intellectual property that incorporates the Patents Act 2013 James & Wells Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand is an, authoritative, highly accessible.. more

Book+eBook 42108452 31/03/2017 Sale Price: Price: $213.15 + GST You Save:

This work is a significant new commentary on the way private law deals with falsehoods, in the form of misrepresentations, misleading and deceptive conduct, and deceit... more

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