Corporate legal departments use Contract Express to cut costs, reduce delays and minimise risk, while delivering compliant, self-service contracts and empowering broader business.


Self-service contract creation

Enable business users to initiate contract requests and receive signature-ready, locked PDFs when their request is complete and compliant.

Intuitive online questionnaire

Complete a simple, business-oriented online questionnaire to generate contracts ready for approval.

Robust approval process

Incomplete, non-compliant or non-standard answers, including any request by the counterparty for changes, are routed with an alerting email to defined legal and/or business approvers.

Improving client service and legal department efficiency

Rely on automated drafting for the creation and approval of business agreements, such as: NDAs, licence agreements, sales agreements and procurement agreements.

Compliance and audit

Every step of the process is logged for audit and reporting, and executed contracts are exported to a contract management site for future use and reporting.

Matters and workflows

Enable users to create matters and store related data in one place. Structure a workflow to suggest templates through the lifecycle of a matter and share common data across generated documents to eliminate duplication of data entry.

DocuSign integration

Design, automate, generate, negotiate and execute your contracts all from one place.


Work on any internet connected device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop).

Automation services

You can automate templates and design questionnaires yourself or get the Contract Express team to assist you. A range of automation offerings can be provided by Thomson Reuters, whether it is to get you scaled up quickly, support an existing team or manage the automation for you.

  • Fixed price
    A range of fixed price offerings are available to provide automated content within a controlled budget. Your price point will be fixed depending on the complexity of the documents and includes revisions from first draft and a time bank for updates.
  • Estimate per template
    The a la carte option, we will estimate the completion time for a template, update you as we go and consult with you to make sure you get the correct content delivered. Whether you need a finished document, focused assistance or just the brunt of the automation complete so you can bespoke, this is the most flexible option to suit all needs.
  • Jump Start - The starter package
    Get up and running with the core content you need. Request the automation of 3 templates or more to receive a discount on the total price as well as a consultation on how best to launch and focus in the early stages.
  • Managed Service - The premier package
    Let us take care of all of your document automation requirements and allow for all of your organisation’s requirements, particulars and approach. We will then work with you to create a service that fits your needs.

Contract Express in Action

  • Contract Express - Document automation with Preview Mode
  • Contract Express - Optimised for any device
  • Contract Express - Automation without programmers
Document automation with Preview Mode

Document automation with Preview Mode
Contract Express Preview enables users to observe changes in the document in real time as they answer the questionnaire. Preview enables senior lawyers to confirm that the automated template is behaving as expected. It also enables junior lawyers to better understand how the options in the questionnaire relate to different clauses in the document.

Optimised for any device

Optimised for any device
Contract Express contract automation is mobile-first. The questionnaire looks great on smartphones and tablets of all sizes.

Automation without programmers

Automation without programmers
Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without needing programmers. Automation without programmers means automated legal processes you can trust.



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