Disputes Tribunals of New Zealand - 2nd Edition

Disputes Tribunals of New Zealand - 2nd Edition

Peter Spiller


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Date: 26/05/2003

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND

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New Zealand’s Disputes Tribunals offer the opportunity for timely, inexpensive, informal, and fair resolution of small disputes. Over the past 21 years, tens of thousands of New Zealanders have used the Disputes Tribunals to resolve their disputes without the expense of legal representation. This book is a practical guide and reference work for all those involved in the Disputes Tribunals.

The Disputes Tribunals of New Zealand, 2nd Edition provides a clear understanding of how the Tribunals work. The book covers all key aspects of the Tribunals and concludes with case studies which illustrate the operation of the Tribunals.

Since the first edition was published in 1997, there have been developments in statute and case law affecting the Tribunals as well as changes in the jurisdiction, proceedings, and other aspects of the Disputes Tribunals work. These are all addressed in the second edition.

Table of Contents

History and Nature of the Tribunals

  • History of the Tribunals
  • Nature of the Tribunals

The Referees

  • Appointment of Referees
  • Employment Conditions of Referees
  • Support and Oversight of Referees

Jurisdiction of the Tribunals

  • Types of Claims within Jurisdiction
  • Monetary Limit of Claims within Jurisdiction
  • Causes of Action Excluded from Jurisdiction
  • Other Statutory Restrictions on Jurisdiction
  • Future Developments

Persons at the Tribunals

  • Parties
  • Representatives
  • Witnesses and Investigators
  • Supporters
  • Members of the Public

Proceedings of the Tribunals

  • Commencement of Proceedings
  • Proceedings at the Hearing

Functions of the Tribunals

  • Introduction
  • Negotiating Settlements in the Tribunals
  • Decision-making in the Tribunals

Orders in the Tribunals

  • Types of Orders
  • Costs
  • Interest
  • Enforcement of Orders

Further Proceedings

  • Rehearings
  • Appeals
  • Judicial Review

The Tribunals at Work

  • Five Case Studies