Separately bookable pre-conference and post-conference workshops
Cost to attend each workshop is $595 +gst. Early booking is recommended as places are limited.

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Monday 25 November (9am – 4.30pm), Cordis Hotel, Auckland

WORKSHOP: Good work design: A practical and interactive ‘how-to’ adopt human-centred design

Human-centred design is a practice that positively addresses the most price-elastic and sensitive part of our work-productivity and health quotient: our people! Human-centred design involves ideation (the generation of good ideas), leadership support, positive psychology and opportunity-based thinking (not just risk-based thinking), systems analysis, and a strong value to design for diversity within a nurturing work culture.

Participants will learn about:

  • Six strategies to understand work performance and generate work-design ideas
  • Seven principles of a human-centred organisation
  • Decision-making transparency and predictive analytics
  • Developing design concepts and design strategy evaluation
  • Design for diversity and methods to strategically integrate business unit activity
  • Distinguishing features of a successful work design project versus a sustainable program
  • A philosophical approach to good work design involving the capacity to achieve health, well-being and ‘wholeness’ in an organisation

Workshop participants should be prepared to remove traditional safety management and health & wellbeing hats, flip standard practices upside down a little and think as an integrative, holistic, human-centred design strategist.

Facilitated by: Sara Pazell, Managing Director, Viva! Health at Work

POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Wednesday 27 November (9am – 4.30pm), Cordis Hotel, Auckland

WORKSHOP: Benchmarking and controlling critical psychological risks
Benchmarking allows organisations to track their own performance over time. It is a common approach to sharpen leader’s engagement in psychological health and safety matters and check Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems are effective. An essential step in managing psychological health and safety risks is collecting accurate timely information about hazards, risks and controls, and verifying those used are effective. In this workshop participants will explore the critical hazards and controls and examine practical approaches to measure their organisation’s psychological health and safety performance.

Attendees will delve into effective measurement and leave the workshop with a toolkit to measure their own organisation’s health and safety systems. This intensive, interactive post-conference workshop will build on Dr Miller’s conference presentation, covering:

  • Measuring workplace health and safety and measuring psychological workplace health and safety
  • Identifying critical psychological workplace health and safety risks
    • Hazards ID
    • Risk assessment
  • Control options
    • Job crafting versus work design
    • Critical controls
    • Work and org design theory
  • Practical exercises
    • Identification exercise: Simple causal analysis around PWHS
    • Design exercise: organisational, work and task design

Facilitated by: Dr Peta Miller, Peta Miller WHS Consulting