9.00AM Opening remarks from the Chair
Mike Cosman, Director, Cosman Parkes
9.10AM Case law update: fines, orders and reparation

The body of case law continues to build under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2016. In this session Kirsty McDonald highlights the key developments in the past 12 months, with particular consideration to fines, orders and reparation.

Kirsty McDonald, Partner, Duncan Cotterill
9.50AM Managing risk through intervention – the changing face of the health and safety regulator

WorkSafe has at its disposal a range of interventions, both regulatory and non-regulatory, to prevent, reduce and alleviate harm. Enforcement is one of the levers but are engagement and education more likely to become the norm in years to come? Simon Humphries from WorkSafe discusses what duty holders can expect when engaging with the regulator and the future direction of WorkSafe.

Simon Humphries, Head of Specialist Interventions, WorkSafe New Zealand
10.30AM Table talk
11.05AM Panel discussion: Looking back – what lessons did we learn from COVID-19 that could improve health practice in 2021?

Moderator: Mike Cosman, Partner, Cosman Parkes

Simon Humphries, Head of Specialist Interventions, WorkSafe New Zealand
Kirsty McDonald, Partner, Duncan Cotterill
Brent Sutton, Principal, Safety Associates

11.55AM Work-related road safety – risks and controls

If you have workers who are driving for work purposes, whether it be their core role or as part of their role, whether they are a contractor or driving a fleet vehicle between work sites, the risk they face need to be front and centre in your health and safety strategy and policies.

This session will cover:
  • Road to Zero, the role of NZTA and wider collaboration
  • Who is at risk?
  • How health and safety can help to make work-related travel safer
  • H&S risks in relation to construction on our road

Duayne Cloke, Senior Manager – Critical Risk and Paul Harrison, Team Lead H&S Innovation, People, Process and Safety, NZTA
Paul Harrison, Team Lead H&S Innovation, People, Process and Safety, NZTA

1.25PM Industrial manslaughter in Australia: No person deserves to die at work

In Australia the message is clear – putting lives at risk in the workplace will not be tolerated. From July 2020 industrial manslaughter became a criminal offence in Victoria and in Queensland the first industrial manslaughter sentence was handed down. This session considers the prospects of this coming to New Zealand – as well as the implications for PCBUs, directors and officers, and whether workplaces will be safer in the long run or simply more compliance oriented.

James Warren, Partner (Auckland) and
Greg Cain, Partner (Wellington)
Richard Monigatti, Associate (Christchurch) – Dentons Kensington Swan

2.10PM Trans-Tasman battle – how are New Zealand and Australian regulators approaching officer prosecutions?

Who is an officer under the HSWA? Despite the publicity it attracted when the HSWA came into force in 2016, WorkSafe New Zealand has been slow to assess or enforce the personal due diligence duty on officers. In this session Grant Nicholson will review the approach taken in officer prosecutions to date, including Nino's Limited v Maritime NZ, and consider how this aligns with the more extensive catalogue of officer prosecutions taking place under similar legislation in Australia.

Grant Nicholson, Partner, Anthony Harper
2.50PM Table Talk
3.25PM Can project orders deliver innovation in safety?

The Fullers project order is one of the most comprehensive to be approved by the court as part of a sentence since the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into force. The project includes the development of a competency framework for learning teams and at the completion of the project all resources will be made available to the wider industry with a view to improving safety in the sector. In this session Brent Sutton discusses:

  • why Fullers decided to go down the project order route
  • how they found the experience
  • the role of learning teams in delivering innovation in maritime safety

Brent Sutton, Principal, Safety Associates
4.05PM Final remarks from the chair
Mike Cosman, Partner, Cosman Parkes
4.15PM Closing remarks from the chair and end of conference

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20 October 2020

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