Workplace bullying and harassment conference 2020

Workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination is widespread in New Zealand. A recent Statistics New Zealand study stated that 11% of New Zealand workers reported being bullied or harassed in the past year. Other studies put the figure even higher.

Bullying in the workplace impacts on individuals and their families, company culture, productivity and external reputation. It lowers morale, increases turnover and can often place you at legal risk.

The Workplace Bullying and Harassment Conference aims to help you meet your legal obligations and foster workplace cultures that prevent unlawful and unfair treatment of employees.

Whether it’s an isolated incident that requires investigation, or perhaps a broader issue that needs addressing, you need to be armed with the correct processes to conduct fair, efficient and legally defensible investigations, along with the strategies to remove bullying behaviours from your workplace in general.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference.