Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Agreements 6th edition

Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Agreements 6th edition


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Date: 30/04/2020

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A practical and comprehensive guide to the law and practice of structuring projects for the sale and transportation of gas and LNG, based on the author's own comprehensive experience. The discussion is augmented by three precedent agreements and a set of further clause examples which demonstrate the practical mechanics of putting the deal together, also provided on CD for electronic access.
  • Presents a detailed, hands-on guide to the drafting, negotiation and interpretation of natural gas and LNG trading, shipping and transportation contracts
  • Contains three new chapters on LNG Trading Platforms; MSA Terms; and Sales Contracts for Unconventional Gas
  • Highlights the legal and commercial issues involved at each stage and advises how they should be handled in practice
  • Offers clause-by-clause commentary on the typical provisions within gas and LNG, sales, shipping and transportation agreements
  • Pinpoints the key issues and suggests solutions to problems that can arise
  • Discusses the nature of gas and LNG and the contracting process
  • Explains in detail the common components of contracts, including quality and pressure, liabilities and limitations, force majeure and dispute resolution
  • Provides discussion on the commercialisation of natural gas in light of concerns about climate change, cleaner energy sources and the security of energy supplies
  • Includes expertly drafted precedent agreements, also on a CD-ROM for rapid drafting
  • Covers price reviews and reopeners
  • Written from the perspective of English law but in the light of international experience and practice

Table of Contents

Section 1
Part A – General Principles
1. The nature of gas
2. Project structures
3. The contracting process
4. Contract forms
5. Unconventional gas sales
Part B – Sales contract terms
6. The parties
7. The term
8. The delivery point and delivery
9. Quantities, rates and reserves
10. Price
11. Price review mechanisms
12. Collateral support
13. Take and pay, take or pay
14. Make up and carry forward
15. Nominations, undertake and overtake
16. The seller’s delivery failure
17. Invoicing and payment
18. Gas quality specification
19. Measurement
20. Facilities and commissioning
21. Maintenance
Part C – Pipeline gas transportation
22. Pipeline project structures and principles
23. Pipeline project terms
24. Commingling, allocation and attribution
25. Quantity and capacity constructions
26. Tariff, capacity payments and ship or pay
Part D – LNG sales and transportation
27. Understanding LNG
28. LNG project structures and principles
29. LNG sales contract content
30. LNG shipping issues
31. Charter party agreements
Part E – common components
32. Force majeure
33. Liability and limitation
34. Third party involvement
35. Transfers
36. Termination
37. Dispute resolution
38. Other provisions
Section 2;
Appendix A – proforma memoranda of understanding and termsheets (gas sale and purchase, gas transportation, LNG sale and purchase)
Appendix B – proforma gas sales agreement
Appendix C – proforma gas transportation agreement
Appendix D – additional provisions