Local to Global The History of Brookers 1910-2010

Local to Global The History of Brookers 1910-2010

Geoff Adlam


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Date: 11/03/2013

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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This fascinating publication, complete with historic photographs, charts the first hundred years of the New Zealand legal publishing company variously known as John Friend Ltd, Brooker & Friend, Brookers Ltd, Thomson Brookers and now Thomson Reuters.

From humble beginnings in Wanganui, the book charts the company’s often colourful history from specialised legislation annotators through to its current form as an innovative and diverse professional publisher and part of a truly global corporation.

“Much of the legal and publishing world before 1960, which forms the backdrop to the first half of this history is a declining memory. The same is becoming true, and at an accelerating rate, for the post-1960 years. This book is a timely and valuable record. I have no doubt it will become the backdrop to a bi-centennial successor. I congratulate Brookers on its century milestone, and on this initiative. “

The Hon R A McGeehan CNZM QC BA, Ll.M. (VUW), Ll.M. (Harv.).