Sale of Alcohol Precedents - Westlaw NZ

Sale of Alcohol Precedents - Westlaw NZ

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Sale of Alcohol Precedents - Westlaw NZ

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Sale of Alcohol Precedents - Westlaw NZ


Brookers Sale of Liquor Precedents guides lawyers, local authorities and applicants through the processes and procedures necessary to sell liquor in New Zealand.

This service uses commentary, checklists, forms and precedents to provide a logical and easily-used guide. Prepared for both participants and their advisers, Brookers Sale of Liquor Precedents gives advice, guidance and all the necessary tools to steer the user through all the processes associated with liquor sale.

Brookers Sale of Liquor Precedents is divided into clear sections and provides information and resources for the four different types of licence available, and also extensive coverage to the necessary steps to obtain and renew a manager’s certificate. The process for lodging and proceeding with any appeal is clearly delineated as are the steps and requirements for a resource consent to trade in liquor.

Table of Contents

Licences and Licensed Premises

  • Introduction
  • Interpretations
  • On-licence
  • Off-licences
  • Club licence
  • Special licences
  • The process of obtaining a liquor licence
  • Certificates of compliance
  • Compliance requirements
  • Reporting process
  • Granting of licence
  • Objections to the application
  • Public hearing before the Authority
  • Checklists
  • Precedents and forms


  • Introduction
  • Framework for determining cost/risk rating
  • Fees category
  • Default fee amounts

Local alcohol policies

  • Introduction
  • Draft local alcohol policies
  • Provisional local alcohol policies
  • Adopted local alcohol policies

Manager’s Certificates

  • Introduction
  • Appointment of managers
  • Temporary and acting managers
  • Notification of managers
  • Application for manager’s certificate
  • Criteria for manager’s certificates
  • Renewal of manager’s certificates
  • Forms


  • Introduction
  • Appeals to the Authority from the District Licensing Agency
  • Appeals to the High Court from the Liquor Licensing Authority
  • Appeals to the Court of Appeal
  • Forms

Resource Consents

  • Introduction
  • Steps in preparing a resource consent application
  • Forms

Wine Makers

  • Introduction
  • Forms

Statutory Forms

  • 28 forms pursuant to the Sale of Liquor Amendment Regulations 2000

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