The Law of Business Entities

The Law of Business Entities

Agnes Mckay


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Date: 30/09/2017

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND


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The Law of Business Entities has been written with a focus on the needs of student studying the law of business entities at polytechnics and university business schools. The book is an essential learning resource for students who need (i) to understand the fundamental concepts and the nature of New Zealand’s business structures, and (ii) to achieve the learning outcomes that they must demonstrate an understanding of, in order to successfully complete their qualification.

Written in an easy-to-read style, this book is divided into seven chapters, each of which is designed to provide a clear explanation of the business entities that students will encounter in their study of the law of business entities course. As well as introducing the New Zealand laws and best-practice methods of forming, governing and managing selected business entities, this book also informs of the legal consequences of a lack of “due diligence” in carrying out statutory duties, and of what happens when an “insolvent event” occurs.

The Law of Business Entities has been carefully written as a student centred text to meet learning needs. It provides accessible, local guidance through case law, legislation, and the interaction between different concepts, all explained in plain English with polytechnic and business students in mind. To assist students in their learning it has break out case notes, explanations, examples and activities, with additional learning resources included in the e-book, which comes free with the hardcopy book.

This text is a must for both students and teachers of business entities, whether for a Bachelor of Applied Management, Bachelor of Business, New Zealand Diploma in Business, or post-graduate diploma in business. It is a complete introduction and discussion of the business as a legal entity in New Zealand, and ensures that students using this resource will graduate with a sound understanding of all legal aspects of business entities in New Zealand.

The Law of Business Entities is also supplemented with Practice Exercises (these are available as an e-book to purchasers of this book) designed to assist students to increase their knowledge of the skills needed to successfully study and pass the Business entities course.

For these reasons the book is a must have for both students and teachers of the Law of Business Entities course and for those in the business world who need a straightforward guide to this area of the law.