The Supreme Court of New Zealand 2004-2013

The Supreme Court of New Zealand 2004-2013

Mary-Rose Russell, Matthew Barber


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Date: 20/07/2015

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND

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The Supreme Court of New Zealand 2004–2013 was conceived as a critical review of the New Zealand Supreme Court’s first decade of operation. It contains a variety of perspectives on and approaches to examining the Court’s contribution to New Zealand law from its creation on 1 January 2004 until the end of 2013.

Chapters focus on the areas of law in which key decisions have been made, including: company, torts, judicial review, contractual interpretation, public, employment, bill of rights, taxation and criminal. Other contributions include a barrister’s perspective on the Court’s performance, two chapters using empirical analyses to consider the decisions of the Court both in applications for leave to appeal and in substantive appeals, and a complete list of the accessible outputs of the Court, the latter being previously unavailable from a single source.

This book will be of particular interest to litigators who specialise in areas of law covered in its chapters, as the analysis of the Supreme Court's decisions provides them with insight into the way in which the judges approach different types of cases, allowing them to craft their submissions in ways that accord with the judges' approach.

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Chapter 3 - A Barrister's Perspective - James Farmer QC

Published with the assistance of the New Zealand Law Foundation


  • Mary-Rose Russell
  • Matthew Barber


  • Margaret Briggs
  • Petra Butler
  • Julie Cassidy
  • Rhonda L Evans
  • James Farmer
  • Sean Fern
  • Ross Grantham
  • Phillip A Joseph
  • Pam Nuttal
  • Matthew SR Palmer
  • Marnie Prasad
  • Bernard Robertson
  • Stephen Todd

Table of Contents

1. Empirical Analysis of Supreme Court Decisions

2. From Applications to Appeals: A Political Science Perspective on the New Zealand Supreme Court’s Docket

3. A Barrister’s Perspective

4. Company Law

5. Torts

6. Judicial Review

7. Contractual Interpretation

8. Public Law

9. Employment Law

10. Bill of Rights

11. Tax Law 

12. Criminal Law