Winning the Red Tape Game

Winning the Red Tape Game

Brent Ellis, Don Mackinnon, Paul Marriott-Lloyd, Bernard Steeds, Nigel Stirling, Kit Toogood QC, Paul David


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Date: 01/08/2005

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Thomson Reuters, NEW ZEALAND

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Winning the Red Tape Game - A club guide to New Zealand Law has been written for people who administer and run sporting clubs. Produced in partnership with Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC), it brings together important sporting issues and is an excellent guide on how to stay on the right side of the law and still ensure that a club meets the needs of its members.

Table of Contents

  • Meetings
  • Incorporated Societies
  • Alcohol, Smoking and Gambling
  • Health and Safety
  • How to Meet your Employment Law Obligations
  • Legal Liability in Sport and Recreation
  • Control of the Use of Drugs and Doping in Sport
  • Introduction to the Sports Disputes Tribunal in New Zealand
  • Paul David, Counsel to the New Zealand Sports Drug Agency
  • Brent Ellis, Registrar of the Sports Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand, and Policy Advisor at Sport and Recretation New Zealand
  • Don Mackinnon, Partner Mackinnon & Associates
  • Paul Marriott-Lloyd, Programme Specialist: Anti-doping, UNESCO, Paris
  • Bernard Steeds, Journalist and Writer, West Egg Ltd
  • Nigel Stirling, Partner, Gibson Sheat Lawyers
  • Kit Toogood QC, Queen’s Counsel